Get Twice The Work Done In Half The Time.

HappyStack is a Scrum Project Software Tool For Developers.
Backlog, Sprint Planning, Standups, Reviews and Retros done the right way.

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Our simple and collaborative scrum project management tool can help you plan, build, and deliver your software faster.

Scrum is the secret weapon behind some of today's most successful companies ...
like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

HappyStack makes it easy to ...

  • Increase project visibility and collaboration
  • Plan properly, based on realistic estimates
  • Deliver on feedback by prioritizing what customers want
  • Transform how you plan, build and release your software
  • Stay on track and deliver sooner and under budget
  • Prepare for your next sprint planning, standup, review or retro.
  • Share, assign, & prioritize tasks, bugs, and stories
  • Manage the backlog, plan future sprints and track sprint notes
  • Keep the sprint cadence and rhythym going with your team
  • Work less, reduce errors, deliver more and keep the momentum going
  • and more!
900+ people have test driven the HappyStack platform.
Join them as we make further progress.
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Manage Task Details

Add comments, subtasks, estimate time, add due dates, and assign tasks. HappyStack lets you take full control of individual pieces of your work

Brainstorm your tasks coming soon

Use our brainstorming feature to quickly add all your tasks. Organize them later.

Full Backlog In One Place

See all backlog tasks on the board is one place, organized by project. Understand what tasks are in already in sprints and what work is still in planning stages.

Scrum is a system based on how developers actually work.
Taking small steps, using an incremental approach is how you get to the finish line sooner.

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