About HappyStack

What is HappyStack

HappyStack is brought to you by the a software development team from around the world. We've been using the Scrum method for over a decade. We've been through ups and downs of using Scrum. So we decided to build HappyStack to make Scrum planning as simple and as intuitive as possible.

HappyStack is not our first product. We've test driven the main idea behind our app with another product. Boardly. It is the simplest plannning board, designed to personal use. Simplicity was the primary goal when we built it. Over the years, we've realized that simplicity was key to planning, and most tools are often too complex. Most of the time the only features you use get lost behind the lastest bells and whistles. So that's why we decided to build HappyStack. To make the simplest scrum planning tool and keep it that way.

No bells, no whistles.

Our Promise

We hope you enjoy using HappyStack. We'll work on improving it, make it faster, more user-friendly, but we will never make HappyStack complex. Ever.